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In the News

At Delkron, we are proud that our quality and innovation have earned the attention of builders and riders throughout the years. We’ve compiled a number of examples below that showcase the solid reputation we strive to maintain.

Twin Cam / Delkron 107" Muscle

Excerpt: There’s a grain of truth in every cliché, but in some, like “There’s no replacement for displacement,” there are enough grains to fill a silo. That saying is especially true when you’re riding a bagger two-up, or towing a trailer...

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Published in Ironworks Magazine
August 2009

Riding Impressions

Excerpt: I was running about 90 MPH, chasing my buddy John through Florida’s back roads, and not thinking twice that the bike I was on shouldn’t be doing those speeds. We were zig-zagging a route made on the fly, on our way back to his place in Cocoa Beach. As you might guess, we were slightly behind schedule...

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Published in Ironworks Magazine
Sept / Oct 2008

Evo Upgrade Part 3

Excerpt: Over the past couple issues we’ve chronicled the drivetrain upgrade of a 1993 Fat Boy. The old Evo-powered bike was getting long in the tooth, so its owner, Freez, looked for alternatives. Rather than rebuild the tired and aging engine, he opted to give it a complete heart transplant, replacing the 80-cubic-inch Evo with a new Delkron 120-cubic-inch engine...

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Published in Ironworks Magazine
July 2007

Evo Upgrade Part 2

Excerpt: In the last issue of IronWorks we showed you how to use a Delkron 120-cubic-inch engine to put new life into an old Evo...

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Published in Ironworks Magazine
May / June 2007

Heart Transplant

Excerpt: In the March 2006 issue of IronWorks we looked at an alternative to rebuilding a tired Evo engine. One solution is to replace the Evo with a Delkron 120-cubic-inch long-block, a single-cam design that fits Evo-based frames...

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Published in Ironworks Magazine
April 2007

Delkron Long Block

Excerpt: All things must pass, including the factory-fresh performance of your Evolution engine. As the miles pile on and the performance slips away on that old single-cam engine, you have two choices, both of which entail compromises...

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Published in Ironworks Magazine
March 2007

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